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Creative GIS Solutions for Local Government
Andrew Harrison, GISP, Director of Business Development
The Schneider Corporation

Our presentation covers how communities around the country have been providing creative solutions to today's problems using GIS. This presentation is composed of case studies on how other communities have solved their time and budget problems with innovative GIS ideas; by using best practices for inventory of assets, utilizing damage, identifying and tackling large scale GIS, implementing cemetery mapping, and the simplicity of managing online permitting. The goal of this presentation will be to share many different ideas for GIS use and for you to leave the session with new ideas that you can try yourself.

Insight - Advances in GIS Technology
Scott Stafford-Veale
Latitude Geographics

Everybody works better when organizations have control over their systems and can manage their performance. Better yet, spend less time monitoring your sites and let your system tell you when important events are happening.  This presentation will introduce and demonstrate how organizations can ensure the smooth running of their ArcGIS Server, AGOL, Portal (and Geocortex) infrastructure by employing new technology that alerts managers to potential issues, and raises alarms if needed, in real time. Immediate notification means you can address problems as soon as they arise, minimizing downtime and ensuring performance for end-users.

Proven Aerial Remote Sensing Solutions for Efficient Pipeline Planning & Integrity Management
Chuck Boyer, Director of Geospatial Solutions
Aerial Services, Inc.

LiDAR and aerial imagery are the safest and most economical ways to collect and produce geospatial mapping for the Oil and Gas industry. I will show, from past experience, how you can collect data for a oil or gas pipeline and save time and money on the front end of a project. I will also show how millions of dollars can be save on the back end of projects because you collect millions of points during a project and can use them when you need them. Lidar is also able to show High Consequense Areas, avoiding catastrophic event and saving lives.

Low-Cost GIS for Today’s GIS Professionals
Myles LaBonte, Marketing Assistant
Blue Marble Geographics

Often considered beyond the reach of many budgets, GIS technology is now part of the daily workflow for local government departments and businesses of every size. No longer constrained by overly complex software requiring highly skilled technicians, or by expensive acquisition and maintenance costs, GIS professionals are learning the value of GIS self-sufficiency. In this presentation, we will take a look at a low-cost GIS software alternative that is ideally suited to the challenges of today’s GIS professionals. Using Global Mapper we will demonstrate some of the basic principles of GIS development, where to find data, and efficient spatial data management.

Understanding the NewEdge Cloud and Unique ID Tool
Gary Parker, System Administrator & Robbie Schermerhorn, GIS Specialist
NewEdge Services, LLC

NewEdge Services, LLC has been at the forefront of cloud hosting services within the GIS industry with our longest standing cloud client being online for almost 4 years.  NewEdge offers our clients multiple options for hosting GIS and/or Cityworks and other related applications in the Amazon cloud.  This vendor showcase will demonstrate the technical aspects of the NewEdge Cloud environment as well as address some of the common misunderstandings of a cloud hosted solution. In addition, NewEdge has developed an ID tool that allows users to customize unique IDs within their geodatabase to meet client specific needs. The tool automatically assigns IDs that are unique within the entire database as GIS editing occurs without the need for a customized tool installed on each editor endpoint.  During the showcase, we will demonstrate the functionality of the tool and discuss the multiple deployment options available.

Leveraging a GIS-Centric Asset Management System after a disaster
Aaron Kreag, GISP, Regional Sales Manager

In a post disaster scenario FEMA will mobilize resources and free up funding for a rescue or recovery effort. Organizations have a responsibility to properly track and report on fiscal activity and resource utilization as they progress and seek funding or reimbursement. This presentation will take a brief look at the applicability of the Cityworks & ESRI platforms and how they may be leveraged by local government in a post disaster environment.


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