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September 19, 2017
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Esri Tech Talk Sessions
  Join us during the day of the OKSCAUG Conference to take advantage of the following Esri Technical Sessions.

WebGIS  - Mike Beavers 

Modern Geographic Information Systems utilize Web GIS and Web Applications to make location information available to others within and outside their organizations. In its simplest form, Web GIS can be defined as any GIS that uses web technology to communicate between a server and a client. Web GIS incorporates a wide variety of resources, and consumers of Web GIS use these applications to address any number of questions, missions, and problems. Web GIS is a type of distributed information system, comprising at least a server and a client, where the server is a GIS server and the client is a web browser, desktop application, or mobile application. Come to this Tech Talk and learn about the Web GIS Components that are part of the ArcGIS Platform. 


2017 UC Recap - The Science of Where in Action - Mike Beavers

July 10 - 14, 2017 -The Esri User Conference in San Diego: 5 days, nearly 18,000 attendees, over 800 sessions, 450 hours of GIS training, and 300 exhibitors. Did you miss it? Come to this Tech Talk and get a high level recap of all the new technology: ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1, Server, Portal, ArcGIS Online,  ArcGIS Hub, Insights, and more Apps than you can shake a stick at! Don't worry, you still have time to register for the 2018 UC.     


What’s Your GIS Initiative? - Pam Kersh 

So often we are asked "How do I promote GIS internally at my organization?".  This session will cover techniques to help upper management see the value of building a location strategy through the notion of uncovering initiatives that are important to management, and matching GIS solutions to solve those initiatives. In addition, we will take a look at the ArcGIS Hub, a new way to bring these GIS based initiatives to life.    


Apps, Apps, and more Apps - Pam Kersh

Esri Apps provide a wealth of experiences for all stages of the data management, collection and sharing workflows.  This session will step through the Esri App workflow and discover which app is appropriate for specific needs.   


Insights - Katherine Smyth

Find out how to use Insights to boost analysis in your organization. Insights was designed with everyone in mind. This session will show how easy it is to drag and drop data to bring more meaning to locational data in your organization. We will also cover how to share your data and workflows after the hard work is done.    


Open Data/ Hub - Katherine Smyth

Meet ArcGIS Hub - Esri's newest solution for bringing your iniatives to your community. In this session, we will review Open Data setup and discuss why you should join the open data revolution. Then we will move further into uncharted territory to investigate how your internal organization as well as the public can participate in Initiatives. ArcGIS Hub was made with community in mind. We will talk about what that means for you and the future of GIS.     


ArcGIS Pro: Tips & Tricks  - Zena Pelletier 

Learn what's new in the latest release of ArcGIS Pro and how to more efficiently create great maps, edit your data and share the results of your work with others.    


Architecting the ArcGIS Platform - Zena Pelletier 

An overview of the ArcGIS Enterprise Platform and recommended system architecture best practices. A whiteboard exploration of ArcGIS as an Enterprise system.  The ArcGIS platform connects maps, apps, and people in ways that help organizations make more informed and faster decisions.  Learn about the enterprise components and how to effectively architect your ArcGIS implementation to help meet your organizations' objectives.    

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