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 September 25, 2018    

Become a Smart Community by Leveraging Asset Management

Bradley Chatman - Cityworks

In today's local government landscape, asset management is crucial. Knowing what you have, where you have it, and how you're maintaining it are some of the biggest keys to success as an organization. Cityworks is a GIS centric asset management solution that not only gives you the tools necessary to make smart management decisions, but empowers you to become a smart community.

GIS Utility Needs Assessment

Nick Tonias, P.E. - CEDRA

Many County Appraisers have developed GIS databases for their parcels and are using GIS in their daily operations. Utility Departments, however, have typically lagged behind in implementing GIS. The reason for this varies from lack of funding, lack of staff, lack of expertise and so forth. For Utility Departments who do finally commit to implementing GIS the first step in this process is the development of a GIS Utility Needs Assessment document.

The GIS Utility Needs Assessment document or GIS Design Study report as it is sometimes referred to as represents a road map or play book for implementing GIS. This document typically contains an assessment of current work flows and data and a plan for converting existing data into the GIS and the development of pertinent applications.

This presentation discusses the contents of a GIS Utility Needs Assessment that was prepared for the City of Punta Gorda, Florida for the City’s Utility Department, specifically its waste water and water divisions. Topics to be discussed in the presentation include the following:

  • Assessment of Current Esri Software and Hardware
  • Assessment of Existing Records
  • Department Commitment
  • GIS Database Design (Custom versus LGIM)
  • Tools to view and analyze utility data
  • Methods to Collect and Input Utility Data
  • Utility Map Book Creation

The WeatherOps Asset Alert Widget: Functionality and Illustration

DeWayne Mitchell - WDT

Weather Decision Technologies (WDT) has developed a custom widget for use in ESRI’s web app builder. In summary, the widget is intended to notify the user about which point assets are currently within a weather threat such as a tornado warning or flash flood warning. The widget is built upon the ArcGIS Javascript API version 3.24 and ESRI’s web app builder version 2.7 has been used to test the widget. The widget uploads a collection of points in shapefile format from the users local computer. The widget process then determines whether any of the points are contained within a defined polygon feature layer defined within the widget by the user. The polygon feature layer comprises watches and warnings from the National Weather Service and is hosted on WDT’s ArcGIS Server as a credentialed feature service layer. The results of the spatial query are displayed in a table within the widget, and the assets are ordered in descending threat order so that, for example, any assets within a tornado warning polygon are listed at the top of the table and assets within a heat advisory are listed at the bottom of the table. The user can change the threat priority order within the widget code. WDT will present the widget design and components, and illustrate the use and functionality of the widget and demonstrate how to incorporate it into an application for use in your organization.

Advancements in Mobile Scanning

Jenny Stewart and Jimmy Jordan - AllTerra

AllTerra Central will be announcing the new product lineup covering everything from apps to hardware. New advancements in mobile scanning include the GeoSlam handheld mobile scanner and the Trimble MX-9 vehicle mounted mobile scanner. Handheld GPS technology overview with emphasis on the new releases for 2019 and beyond. Advice on how to integrate advanced augmented reality (AR) into 3D data and other applications of Virtual Reality technology.

EagleView High Resolution Imagery

Jonathan Ballard - EagleView

EagleView will present high resolution aerial images, with detail as small as 2 inches, from orthogonal and all four cardinal directions with every feature and landmark photographed from multiple directions. The images are digital and are linked to a computer-based map of the entire surveyed area. This presentation examines the varied uses of EagleView and its application in the GIS services, courtroom, 911 operators and for field officers showing a profitable investment because the cost and use can be shared over multiple county departments.

Generating Unique IDs on your Enterprise Geodatabase using the NewEdge UniqueID tool

Gary Parker and Robert Schermerhorn - New Edge Services, LLC.

It is important for features in your Enterprise GIS database to have Unique Identifiers across a feature class and increasingly the entire database. This presentation explores the UniqueID Tool created by NewEdge Services, LLC allowing management and automatic ID generation. The UniqueID tool works seamlessly with the Enterprise GIS database in a Microsoft SQL Server environment. Key features of the tool are discussed including a demo of the tool's simple interface, where Address related feature classes will be configured and tested.

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