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Larry Stein

Oklahoma County Assessor's Office

Curiosity, Creation and Communication: GIS ‘The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of’

Larry Stein is the Chief Deputy for Oklahoma County Assessor Leonard Sullivan and helps manage a more than $7 million budget and 78 employees.

The Oklahoma County Assessor’s Office has earned a perfect score on the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) Performance Audit for three years in a row.

Using technology and advanced computerized technology, the Assessor’s Office has 62 fewer employees to accomplish the monumental task of assessing the value of more than 330,000 parcels of property in 720 square miles worth more than $60 Billion.

Having 62 fewer employees saves taxpayers more than $4 million each year in reduced salary and benefit costs. The assessor’s office they also got rid of the county owned cars to save even more money.

In the entire state of Oklahoma there are 780 employees in the 77 counties doing the work for assessor’s to determine the value of more than $35.1 Billion.

The NET Assessed value of the property in Oklahoma County totals $7.35 Billion. That means that with 10 percent of the total employees working for assessor’s STATEWIDE---Oklahoma County is assessing the value of around 21 percent of the entire value of property in the entire state of Oklahoma with 10 percent of the employees.

Larry began a career in journalism in high school and wrote columns for The Oklahoman. He earned an Associate of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma.

While Larry was a college intern he earned the prestigious National Press Club Award for Consumer Journalism for the daily program he created, wrote and produced called “Consumer Comments”.

He was the Capitol Bureau Chief for KTOK and the Oklahoma News Network, the multi-state radio network based in Oklahoma City. This high-profile exposure also earned Larry the job as host of the Oklahoma Educational Television Authorities statewide political broadcast, “Capitol Press Report”.

Larry has made dozens of presentations about communications locally and around the United States to seminars, statewide professional meetings, international groups and private businesses.


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