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Esri Technical Session Wednesday Track I, 1:30 pm, and repeated as

Esri Technical Session Thursday Track I 9:15 am

ArcGIS Enterprise: An Introduction

Pam Kersh - Minuet Room

ArcGIS Enterprise is the next evolution of the server product line. It includes all the components that you're familiar with: ArcGIS (Portal and Server), and more. Join us in this workshop to get an introduction to ArcGIS Enterprise and the many capabilities that have been introduced, such as portal collaboration, Insights for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Image Server, ArcGIS GeoEvent Server and ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server.

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Communicating the Value of GIS

Michael Beavers - Patio Room

Interpreting Executive Motivation and Demand - It is not often that business leaders speak in the language of GIS any more than it is often that they use the language of IT or data analysis more generically. It is often the challenge of a GIS leader to interpret business leader's challenges and requests (verbalized and non-verbalized), deriving the GIS needs along the way. The key to success is understanding the relationship between organizational drivers, goals, and services and the solutions your team can offer.

Determining the Business Value of GIS - Determining the business value of your organization's location platform, apps, and services can be one of the most challenging endeavors that GIS leaders undertake. It can be difficult to avoid contemplating the specific contributions of a given element of the platform's underlying infrastructure or specific data management efforts. The trick is to rise above the level of the constituent parts and focus on the business capabilities, products, and services enabled or enhanced through GIS.

Knowing the Story - Stories can be memorable and impactful ways to communicate the value of GIS. Knowing the stories that drive the businesses that you enable and advance through your team's services can empower you to make the best business case for investments in the growth and sustainment of your organization's location platform, maps, apps, and services.

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Server: Real-Time GIS

Brig Bowles - Cavalier Room

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server extends the ArcGIS Platform to connect with and analyze virtually any type of streaming real-time data. Real-time observational data can come from moving objects, changing attributes of stationary sensors, or both. Learn about the advantages of using stream services for real-time data, options for real-time outputs, and new tools for analyzing the large volumes of data created from archiving real-time data streams along with how to publish, configure, and incorporate the data into web based applications.

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ArcGIS Pro: 3D Workflows

Zena Pelletier - Poolside Room

Working in 3D in ArcGIS Pro is in many ways just like working in 2D.  However there are some things that you need to know to be successful doing 3D GIS with ArcGIS Pro.  This session is for those that are familiar with ArcGIS Pro and are looking to get up to speed with workflows for 3D data management, visualization, analysis, publishing, and even some 3D editing.  Sprinkled throughout will be tips and tricks to make you into the 3D superstar in your office.

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Esri Technical Session Thursday Track II, 10:30 am, and repeated as

Esri Technical Session Thursday Track IV, 3:00 pm

Mobile GIS Workflows Using Collector, Workforce and Navigator

Brig Bowles - Minuet Room

ArcGIS field apps help you use the power of location to improve coordination and achieve operational efficiencies in field workforce activities. Reduce or even replace your reliance on paper. Ensure that everyone, in the field and the office, uses the same authoritative data so you can reduce errors, boost productivity, and save money.  See three of these apps; Workforce, Navigator, and Collector, in a set of demonstrations and discussions to get you started.

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Implementing ArcGIS Solutions in Your Organization

Michael Beavers - Patio Room

This session will describe how to deploy the ArcGIS for State and Local Government solutions and configure the maps and apps to meet specific business needs in your organization.   Newly released maps and apps that help organizations tackle public health challenges, understand and communicate environmental impacts and maintain situational awareness before, and during, an incident or event will be highlighted in this session.

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Spatial Analysis with Web GIS

Brad Owens - Cavalier Room

This session introduces the spatial analysis capabilities available in web GIS, via both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. These spatial analysis tools are designed to provide an intuitive, user-friendly experience while still offering access to powerful analytics. This session will provide an overview of how to access and use the analysis tools, example workflows, and ideas about how to supplement your analysis scenarios with Esri-provided data.

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Architecting the ArcGIS Platform: Best Practices

Katherine Smyth - Poolside Room

An appropriate set of architectures practices (business, information, technology) is necessary to support the delivery of desired business outcomes. Attend this session to understand best practices and practical approaches around people, processes, and technology that contribute to a successful and sustainable implementation of the ArcGIS platform.

Participants can use these guidelines to maximize the value of their ArcGIS implementation and meet their organizational objectives.

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