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Exhibitor Benefits
In the conference app:
  • A portrait full page ad in and exhibitor bio featured in the Exhibitors list. It lists the company’s name, logo, address, work phone number, email addresses, and web address.
  • The exhibitor's logo running across the top of the app, plus the logo will be linked to their website
  • Push notifications will remind attendees to talk with exhibitors for a chance to win door prizes
  • Exhibitor-affiliated attendees will be encouraged to use the conference app and fill out their personal profiles with specific things to increase their visibility
      • They should include the word “Exhibitor”
      • They should include the company they work for
      • They should include an email address and/or phone number they will check during the day, so if people message them, the exhibitor can add the people to the door prize list
      • They should include a company-approved code word that attendees can send them if the attendees want to be added to the door prize list
          • Exhibitors will be encouraged to choose a code word to ask attendees to send them in order to be entered into the prize drawing. This code word will be placed inside the exhibitor bio page on the conference app, and any attendees who are there representing the company can put it in their personal profiles inside the app.
          • Exhibitors don’t necessarily need a code word, but it could add an element of fun to the interactions, and allow the exhibitors another opportunity to display their company branding/personality.
On the website:

In email blasts:

    • We will send out a blast near the conference thanking our exhibitors that includes the exhibitors’ logos, linked to their websites
    • We will educate our attendees on how to interact with exhibitors
        • SCAUG-sent Email and push notification encourages attendees to go to the Attendees list and search for the word “Exhibitor” and start messaging people
        • SCAUG-sent Email will explain the Exhibitor page on the app, and the code words
        • SCAUG-sent Email will explain the Exhibitor Live Commentary Sessions, and the code words

At the conference:

      • Exhibitors will have a potential opportunity to present at the conference, if room is available. Since we only have 21 presentation spots this year, exhibitor spots will be limited, but there may be a few available.
      • Exhibitors are encouraged to offer door prizes in order to get attendees to reach out to them. Please let us know if you are or are not offering a door prize.
      • Exhibitors are encouraged to join in on the Monday Night Virtual Social, and offer some door prizes. Door prize winners may be chosen through trivia in the chatbox, or other ways. 
      • Exhibitors will have the opportunity to participate in at least 1 Exhibitor Live Commentary session after a presentation of your choice.
          • These will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. There are 21 spots available for Exhibitor Live Commentary/Exhibitor Videos.
          • These 5-minute segments will consist of:
              • The exhibitor representative introducing themselves and what their company does. They will be able to send links into the chat to their website, or an email address, or whatever they’d like to send out to people.
              • The exhibitor representative will encourage the viewers to find them inside the conference app and send them a quick message in order to get an opportunity to win the exhibitor’s door prize
              • The exhibitor will talk a little bit about what they thought of the preceding presentation. Some talking points include:
                  • What new things they learned from the presentation
                  • How their company would have addressed a similar issue
                  • How their company HAS addressed a similar issue in the past
                  • What questions the presentation has inspired in them to go research further
              • The chats can go longer than 5 minutes, but the code word or the invitation to talk to them inside the app should occur before the 5-minute mark because people will likely get up and go get coffee or hit the restroom during the 10 minutes for breaks

An example of an Exhibitor Live Commentary session:

  • Moderator: “We are fortunate enough to have XYZ Corp here for a quick Exhibitor Commentary session! This is Kayla with XYZ Corp. Kayla, please feel free to un-mute yourself, and then introduce yourself and let people know what XYZ Corp does.”
  • Kayla: “Hi, thank you! I am Kayla, and I am the resident GIS specialist at XYZ Corp. Here at XYZ Corp we do high-resolution imagery as well as LiDAR flights, specializing in revitalization of historic farmland.”
  • Moderator: “Wow, that sounds really interesting! So, Kayla, what parts of the Presenter’s Presentation stood out to you?”
  • Kayla: “Well, I was really interested in the new technologies they’re testing for remote sensing of soil moisture. Here at XYZ we’ve been testing X kind of technology, but we had never thought of Y or Z… Might have to get in touch with Mr. Presenter.”
  • Moderator: “That’s wonderful! Have you ever worked with clients with issues similar to Mr. Presenter’s?”
  • Kayla: “Oh yes, but usually we focus on this kind of client…..(explain)”
  • Moderator: “So Kayla, if people want to chat with you more about your company, or get a crack at your door prize, what should they do?”
  • Kayla: “Well, they should email me at ______, call/text me at ________, message me inside the app, or email any of the addresses listed on the exhibitor page inside the app, and make sure to include their name, email address, and the code word “ALPACA”. We’ll be keeping a list of everyone who contacts us, and after the closing remarks at the end of the day, we will draw names to decide who wins this [describe door prize] giant stuffed alpaca with a tiny drone in its backpack."

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