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ESRI TECHNICAL SESSIONS - Wednesday, March 28th

ArcGIS Online

Learn how to use ArcGIS online to better manage and leverage your Organizational Information.  During this session we will look at managing Users and Groups. We will also add content to ArcGIS Online including services, shapefiles, spreadsheets and layer packages. We will then look at different ways to disseminate that information via web maps, social media and online collaboration.


Creating a Simple Web Application

Have you created your first web mapping application yet?  During this session we will talk about a few best practices for adding data layers in your map, creating mapping services and map caching.  We will then publish a service and create and consume a web mapping application.


ArcGIS for Government

ArcGIS for Government has many aspects.  During this session we will look at how government agencies use ArcGIS to better serve their internal users and constituents. Some of the solutions we will take a look at include the ArcGIS online, maps and apps, and the local government information model and field mobility.


What’s New at 10.1

The primary theme for ArcGIS 10.1 is sharing and collaboration. Users will find that this release makes it simpler to put mapping and geospatial analytics into the hands of more people without requiring that they be GIS experts. We will explore some of these mapping and analytic capabilities. We will also talk about Server improvements, imagery enhancements and ArcGIS Runtime.


Desktop Tips and Tricks

Several options are available for interacting with the ArcGIS Desktop application.  These options include ways to manage the interface, enhance the mapping and editing experience, work with geoprocessing environments, and customize the user interface.  This session will provide useful tips and tricks and time-saving techniques for working with the ArcMap application, and provide familiarity with some lesser known tools for enhancing the user experience.


Local Government Data Model

Learn more about how you can use the local government data model to build your own local government geodatabase. We will talk about some of the migration challenges and templates that are available to use with the data model.


Public Works Solutions

Public Works agencies are responsible for the planning, maintenance, and operations of public streets and related assets, parks, government facilities, and vehicle fleets.  ArcGIS can be configured to manage your public assets and help you:  inventory and maintain your assets, provide information to field staff, interact with your citizenry, and evaluate your organizational performance and health of your infrastructure.   This session will cover some of the templates, maps, and apps that help Public Works agencies accomplish their goals, and efficiently share data and analysis across their organizations.


Update on Community Maps Program

Esri's Community Maps program is in its third year and a lot will change in 2012.  The Community Maps are a suite of global maps in image-cache form hosted in the cloud by Esri.  The Maps work at scales from global down to 1:1000 neighborhood detail. They can be used in desktop, web and mobile environments. They're called "Community" maps because they contain an increasing amount of authoritative data contributed by participating agencies, frequently the GIS arm of cities, states or national mapping agencies.

              LIGHTENING TALKS - Thursday, March 29th

  • ArcGIS Mobile
  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Server in the Cloud
  • ArcLogistics
  • Community Analyst
  • Land Records
  • Lidar in ArcGIS
  • Quick Tips & Tricks
  • Tablets & Smart Phones

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