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23rd Annual South Central Arc User Group Conference



Spatial Analysis
Brig Bowles

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We will look at how you share your analysis both within your organization and with a much broader audience. This presentation  will help you to understand what a geoprocessing package is, how to create a geoprocessing package, and how geoprocessing packages can be used to share analysis workflows and enhance collaboration.

Creating & Sharing GEOInformation Products
Karen Lizcano

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In this presentation, the presenter will show how and why you can use ArcGIS Online to host and share your services. These hosted services scale to meet demand and can be used to extend your GIS capabilities. You can take advantage of your ArcGIS Online subscription to make your services available to specific groups or even open them to the general public. We will also demonstrate best practices for authoring maps using ArcGIS for Desktop as well as how to publish your maps to ArcGIS Online as a hosted service. You will learn how to enable a web map with editing capabilities and how map features can be edited remotely in a browser.

Maximizing your Imagery and Lidar Data
Brig Bowles

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This session will provide attendees with a first look at the new capabilities of ArcGIS for Imagery Management. This optimized implementation of ArcGIS 10.1 for Server was developed by Esri Professional Services for publishing, managing, and serving large holdings of imagery, lidar, and other raster products. Supporting topics will include discussions on the best practices for structuring mosaic datasets, implementing imagery management in the cloud, and providing imagery services for ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS.

Building Your Geospatial Platform                                                                                                      Karen Lizcano

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ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based, collaborative content management system for maps, applications, data, and other geographic information. With ArcGIS Online, organizations of all sizes can manage their geospatial content and publish their maps, applications, data, and hosted services online. Topics will include the value of ArcGIS Online to an organization, types of data that ArcGIS Online can use, publishing capabilities, configuration of ArcGIS Online for your organization, administration of content and users, and security.

ArcGIS in Water Utilities
Mark Robbins

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ArcGIS for Water Utilities is more than a set of maps and apps for rapid deployment of GIS technology in a utility.  It is a methodology based on GIS and water utility best practices.  During this presentation the Esri Water Utility Practice will discuss; the advantages of the ArcGIS for Water Utilities approach, what resources and tools are available, how ArcGIS Online is enabling utility workers in ways never capable before, future trends in GIS for water utility management and what every GIS & utility manager must consider when deploying GIS as a key business system for utility management

ArcGIS in Government – Community Basemaps 2.0
Pam Kersh

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You can contribute your organization's geographic content and become part of the Community Maps Esri publishes and hosts online. This program is available to all ArcGIS users and other data providers interested in making their basemap content broadly available for use by the ArcGIS community. We will show you how to get started during this presentation and how the information is used.

GIS in Emergency Management
Craig Morgan

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This will be an interactive discussion on best practices, patterns and practices regarding GIS in Emergency Management.  Included will be straightforward steps to enabling spatial capabilities and engaging the organizations responsible for:

  • Continuity of Operations
  • Situation Awareness
  • Field Data Collection
  • Community Engagement

Location Analytics
Pam Kersh

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The solution for BI and GIS integration is Esri Location Analytics. Location analytics augments mission-critical, enterprise business systems with content, mapping, and geographic capabilities through complementary and nondisruptive technology. A location analytics solution seamlessly integrates maps into the target BI application using technology that's native to the underlying business system.

Geography as a Platform

Gary Scoffield


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The role of geography is a platform for understanding the world. GIS is making geography come alive. It condenses our data, information, and science into a language that we can easily understand: maps.  These maps help us integrate and apply our knowledge. The same maps tell stories. We need to better harness the power of GIS maps to engage everyone, telling the stories of what's happening to the world and creating maps that create a better future, a future with better outcomes.  At the same time, other trends, such as widespread measurement, big data, and ubiquitous computing, are advancing rapidly, including Software as a Service computing, device computing with lightweight and locationally aware applications, as well as supporting scientific exploration and innovation.  The convergence of GIS with these trends will enable us to integrate geographic knowledge into everything we do.  This new pattern integrates all types of geographic informationundefinedmaps, data, imagery, social media, crowd sourced information, sensor networks, and much more.  Geography and GIS are breaking down the barriers between different workflows and disciplines and bringing them together. This will enable us to better collaborate, share and approach problem solving and decision making more holistically.


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