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Imagery – “What To Do with Imagery???”
Michael Beavers

Do you have years and years of imagery just sitting on servers, not being used? Until
now, managing, processing, analyzing and distributing aerial and remote sensing imagery
using conventional methods has be difficult and time consuming. During this session, we
will show you some innovative solution that now allow users to store, quickly access
and easily analyze imagery; manage catalogs of imagery from various sources and integrate
imagery more efficiently into existing workflows. This session will show you how to maximize
the value of your imagery by making it accessible to many different users and applications.

Community Maps – “Be Part of Esri’s Living Atlas"
Mark Stewart

ArcGIS includes a living atlas of the world with useful and authoritative maps on hundreds
of topics. It combines reference and thematic maps with rich content relating to people, earth,
and life. This presentation will describe the living atlas with a focus on how to participate
by sharing your organization’s content with the world through Esri Community Maps.

By joining Community maps, you become part of the global living atlas community, and your
authoritative data will enrich a widely-available cloud-based platform comprised of ready-to-use maps,
applications and topics that include demographics, imagery, oceans, streets, topography, the natural
environment and urban systems.

Land Records – “Are You Missing Out on Revenue? Find it with the ArcGIS for Land Records Solution!"
Karen Lizcano

During this session, we will show how to maintain your data, creating a first class land records
inventory. Your parcel information will never be the same! We will also create a public mapping
application for viewing your parcel information. Would you like to keep survey information in your
GIS? Want to do a parcel value analysis? Want a mobile app for your citizens? Want to reduce appeals?
Save time? Have more accurate GIS data? Come and learn how this can all be accomplished leveraging
ArcGIS for Land Records!

Facilities Management – “GIS…Modernizing the Management of Your Buildings and Campuses”
Sheila Steffenson

Whether you manage a single building, an entire campus, or a global portfolio of buildings/campuses,
GIS can help you to better plan, design, utilize, and manage your assets. Used throughout the facility
lifecycle, GIS enables faster/more holistic decision support by tying together disparate facilities
information from different systems (e.g.CAD, IWMS, CMMS, CAFM, and ERP) into a more complete picture.
Our solution includes facility-specific templates and applications that enable you to easily stand up
your facility/campus base map and begin using it to better manage your spaces. During this session we
will hone in on the 3 aspects of Facilities and Real Property Management…that of Portfolio, Operations
and Safety & Security to look at how GIS can enable Facilities workflows from site selection, to space
management, to safety and security, to sustainability.

Oil & Gas - "Energy at Work"
Mark Smithgall

Geospatial data and maps are becoming increasingly important to all business units within an energy
company. From plotting your oilfield operations to viewing Tweets on a proposed pipeline route, filling
out an inspection checklist to predicting where a hurricane may track, these business critical tasks all
have a spatial component that needs to be mapped. Stop by for insight on how to use the ArcGIS Platform
to accomplish these tasks within your organization.

Geo Trigger & Events Processor - “Hey, Look at Where You Are!”
Brig Bowles

Do you want to send an alert when a user crosses some geographic area or when they are near something?
The Geo Event Processor allows you to connect with virtually any type of streaming data and automatically
alert users when specified conditions occurundefinedall in real time! During this session we will show how to
build a geo-trigger application using geo-fencing and the geo-event processor for ArcGIS Server.

Public Safety & Emergency Management - “Preparation and Response from a Fire Management Perspective”
Pam Kersh

The ArcGIS Platform provides a wealth of solutions to analyze risk, develop pre-incident plans and improve
response activities that protect human life, property and natural resources in your community. During this
session, we will look at how to use and deploy different templates to assist you in your emergency
management response and preparation planning.

Location Analytics – “Adding Location to Your Local Government”
Karen Wigglesworth

Do you have a Location Analytics Strategy to address the challenges you face in your local government?
Location analytics allows you to increase healthy communities, provide quality education, develop
sustainable environments and build thriving economies – just to name a few! ArcGIS provides the platform
to enable and deliver location analytics to all departments that support local governments and in this
session we will discover and learn about these exciting solutions.

Law Enforcement & GIS - “Criminals in Cuffs”
Mike King

This presentation highlights GIS techniques and methodologies that are bolstering law enforcement’s
response to criminal events. Participants will see examples and learn how the data management, analysis,
mobile solutions and harnessing of social media are helping solve crime and how organizational GIS
practitioners and cops are coming together to make communities safer.

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