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Conference registration required to attend training classes

ArcGIS Online - Build It & Make Sure They Come! - Cost $100
Friday March 14th 8:30am – 12pm

During this fast paced, exciting workshop, we will look at setting up AGO from the ground up. We will learn how to set up and administer your organizational account, create maps, preform webgis, embed maps, create configurable web applications and connect your data with the world. We will be providing computers but feel free to bring your own laptops.

Preparing Your Data for Community Maps - Cost $100
Friday March 14th 8:30am – 12pm

Through Community Maps, Esri partners with the global GIS community to help build a living atlas of the world with local authoritative data. This hands-on workshop provides an overview of Esri Community Maps and the process of preparing basemap layers for submission to the program. Participants will learn what types of map layers they can contribute and how to take advantage of special tools and workflows developed by the Esri Community Maps team to simplify the contribution process.

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