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   Access Geographic serves local government, industry and utilities across Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi by using innovative geospatial technologies without losing sight that care and detailed craftsmanship still drives quality results.  The AGL team is passionate about working with geography, and is continually inspired to make it an accessible and useful resource through discipline, creativity and respect for our clients.  From aerial mapping to terrestrial LiDAR, Access Geographic works hard to find a solid solution for your geospatial goals and delivers products that you can trust.


Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI) is an integrated team of professionals providing premier Aerial Acquisition, Digital Ortho, Vector Mapping, Terrain & LiDAR services to government, utilities, engineers, and other geospatial clients. Based in the Iowa heartland for nearly 50 years, Aerial Services’ strong work ethic, cutting-edge technology, and experienced staff combine to harness the power of geographic information and provide solutions you need.

 Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI)


This year, Baton Rouge celebrates its bicentennial since being incorporated by the Louisiana Legislature.  Originally discovered in 1699 by French explorer D’Iberville, Baton Rouge is rich in history.  From a “Red Stick” marking the boundary between two Native American hunting grounds to an enterprise GIS program, maps have always been an important part of our city.  French, English, Spanish, and American colonists plotted boundaries and points of interest on their maps just as city leaders do today in managing the growth and development of Baton Rouge.  Since 1993, the East Baton Rouge Parish GIS Program (eBRGIS) has matured from just a basemap to a nationally-recognized program providing mission critical services to support government operations, as well as key decision-making tools and applications for all residents and stakeholders. Enjoy your stay in Louisiana’s capital city! And, while you are here, try one of 200 things to do at:


Since 1996, Cityworks® has been helping organizations maintain smart, safe, and resilient communities by streamlining the care of public infrastructure, permitting, and property. Built exclusively on Esri® ArcGIS® technology, Cityworks' Web GIS-centricÔ platform combines the authoritative asset inventory in a geodatabase with business process applications for managing workflow, scheduling resources, and prioritizing activities. Time-tested and proven, Cityworks is Empowering GIS® at more than 600 organizations around the world, saving time and money while improving operational efficiencies.


eGIS Associates, Inc. is focused on providing efficient and cost effective Geospatial Solutions that meet the growing needs of public and private sector enterprises. Our mission is to help you consume the "Power of Place" with current technology standards and Applied Spatial Intelligence © eGIS is committed to customer satisfaction – Relationships Matter. Whether you need advice on your project or are looking for a relevant product or just have a technical question eGIS Associates stands ready to assist.

 "Environmental Science Services, Inc. (Es²) is a small business started in 1996 and was founded on providing high-end geospatial products and services to our clients.  Es² is also a registered engineering firm in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida and specializes in high-end GIS, GPS, and mapping services to support various environmental and engineering projects.  For industrial clients, Es² uses GIS to support projects such as site-remediation, oil spill environmental assessments, and general regulatory compliance.  For public sector clients, Es² provides GIS consulting and field services to aid in the transition from disconnected desktop environments to enterprise systems, including server, web, and mobile.  Es² also performs various engineering services, such as flood elevation certificates, pipeline repair documentation and inventory, and utilities data collection."


 Esri’s geographic Information system (GIS) technology has given clients the power to think and plan geographically for over 45 years.  Used today in more than 350,000 organizations worldwide, GIS helps cities, governments, universities, and Fortune 500 companies save money, lives, and our environment. GIS helps you understand and question data in ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends.  So whether you are transporting ethanol or studying landslides, you can use GIS to solve problems and make better decisions, because a GIS enables you to look at your valuable data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared.  Esri supports the implementation of GIS technology on the desktop, servers, online services, and mobile devices.

Esri – The Science of Where
  •  We pioneer problem solving using GIS
  • We build ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software.
  • ArcGIS applies The Science of Where to connect everyone, everywhere through a common visual language.
  • It combines mapping and analytics to reveal deeper insight into data.
  • We believe The Science of Where can unlock data’s full potential in every organization
  • We are the global market leader in GIS and have helped customers improve results since 1969
 Detailed, accurate and up-to-date information about the real world environment is key to the efficient management of your assets and resources. Fugro’s solutions deliver geospatial knowledge that enables you to dramatically improve business routines and performance. Our global acquisition-to-production resources are combined with rigorous quality management procedures solutions that meet customer needs for accurate and efficient geospatial information. We use our expertise and industry specific knowledge to deliver geospatial intelligence on the changing environment for use in transportation, electric utilities, oil & gas, infrastructure development and property management. Working with customers, we continue to develop local partnerships to support constantly expanding GIS solutions.

   G.E.C., Inc. provides integrated planning and design services for public and private clients nationwide. We provide a wide range of expertise for applications to land planning, water resources, and transportation projects. . Our expertise focuses on the integration of geospatial technologies with work conducted by our hydrologic and hydraulic engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, and economists. Services are provided separately or in an integrated fashion, depending on client needs. Our commitment to our clients is to produce high-quality products on time and within budget; keeping with the special needs of our customers so that their objectives can be accomplished in an efficient and professional manner. With its headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and offices in Lafayette and Metairie, Louisiana, as well as West Palm Beach, Florida, and Biloxi, Mississippi; GEC has a staff of more than 200 professionals ready and able to support a wide variety of client needs.
  Since 2005, Geospatial Training Services has provided high quality training opportunities for GIS professionals.  Our training events are presented in a number of different formats including traditional classroom, live-online, self-paced online with access to the instructor, and self-paced. Our goal is to provide you with the training materials you need in the format you want.
 The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) is a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization that provides the geographic information systems (GIS) community with an internationally-recognized, complete certification program. GISCI offers participants from the first early years on the job until retirement, a method of developing value for professionals and employers in the GIS profession. There are currently over 8000 active GISPs located throughout the world.
The current GISP Certification process consists of a Portfolio Application that describes an applicant's background in Ethics, Education, Experience, and Contributions to the Profession as well as the GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam added in 2015. Selected GISPs performed groundbreaking work in the process of creating the Exam informed by both the Geospatial Technical Competency Model (GTCM) approved by the Department of Labor in 2010 and the GIS&T Body of Knowledge developed by UCGIS.


GISi is an award-winning GIS professional services firm located in Birmingham, Ala., with offices throughout the United States.  GISi has a passion for delivering customer driven location technology solutions to federal, state and local governments, and commercial organizations.

Maps have always been at the heart of HERE’s mission. Only the maps we are creating today are very different from those we grew up with. Powered by our leading location cloud and enriched with dynamic data, maps from HERE are becoming increasingly real time capturing the changing world like never before. We believe they will play a critical role in improving mobility for people and enterprises, making driving safer and more enjoyable, and reducing emissions. And now YOU can help make this map even better.  Visit or contact us at for more details.


Hexagon Geospatial is known globally as a maker of leading-edge technology, enabling our customers to easily transform their data into actionable information, shortening the lifecycle from the moment of change to action. Hexagon Geospatial provides software products and platforms to customers through direct sales, channel partners, and Hexagon businesses. 


Latitude Geographics Group Ltd. is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software development and services company.
Latitude’s Geocortex products and solutions address common GIS application development challenges organizations encounter when deploying Esri web GIS technology. They offer pragmatic solutions to improve developer productivity, help solve complex business problems, and enable a better user experience.

 NewEdge Services, LLC is the local leader in implementing GIS, Asset/Work Management Systems, Cloud Hosting, and Related Services. NewEdge provides clients with turnkey solutions for a wide variety of needs and can provide additional resources for clients on specific projects. Our experience demonstrates our abilities, which include:
•    Database design, implementation, and management
•    Custom web and mobile applications
•    Hosted cloud solutions
•    GIS data creation
•    GIS analysis
•    Hard copy map/plan inventory, cataloging, and georeferencing
•    System integration
•    Historical data conversion
•    Asset/Work management system implementation and integration
•    Permitting system implementation and integration
•    User training and support
•    And much more…

NewEdge has strategically aligned with multiple business partners to provide our clients with implementation services for products that are leaders in their perspective fields.  Our long standing business partner relationships include:

Amazon Web Services, CitySourced, Cityworks, Esri, Freeance, Geocortex by Latitude Geographics

The NewEdge team has all of the knowledge, experience and expertise needed to successfully implement all GIS related projects.  Our team has been working together since 2008 and has over 100 years of combined experience in working with multiple types of data, software, and technologies that will be critical for a successful project

"LaURISA is the State of Louisiana Chapter of the international GIS organization URISA.  The vision of URISA is to connect people and resources in the geospatial community.  URISA is a multi-disciplinary geospatial organization that provides professional education and training, a vibrant and connected community, advocacy for geospatial challenges and issues, and essential resources. URISA fosters excellence in GIS and engages geospatial professionals throughout their careers.  LaURISA continues that mission in Louisiana by providing numerous GIS events throughout the year, including Lunch and Learns, Workshops, and Socials."


Founded in 1965, Pond is an international Architecture, Engineering, Planning and Construction firm that serves municipality, state, and federal governments, and private clients worldwide. Pond has built a solid reputation for excellence in quality and client satisfaction by providing exceptional Geospatial Services. Our geospatial development team consists of highly-trained, specialized, experienced and responsive professionals including multiple GISP-accredited individuals and Project Managers.

Pond Geospatial integrates the use of the latest Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Techniques to acquire and develop vertical and horizontal infrastructure, imagery and elevation, and related socioeconomic datasets for all projects. These data sources are standardized and incorporated into spatial analysis, business intelligence and stand-alone application systems to best support, grow and visualize our clients’ future goals.  


RazorTek Inc. is a privately held GIS and Remote Sensing consulting firm specializing in design, development and automation of complex systems for spatial data display and analysis.  Established in 2002, RazorTek serves both the private and public sectors in providing services and technology assistance.  We also offer onsite GIS training, data conversion , data development, data collection, Georeferencing,  image processing and feature extraction.  RazorTek is an authorized reseller for ESRI, LizardTech (GeoExpress), Terrago and Planetlabs (satellite imagery) including a provider for satellite imagery from Digital Globe and a provider for aerial photography from 1inch to 2 feet plus LiDAR collects if needed.

 RazorTek is certified by the SBA as an 8(a) company and certified as a DBE (Disadvantage Business Enterprise) by the Tennessee Department of Transportation in addition we are certified as a MBE(Minority Business Enterprise) by the State of Tennessee and the NCTRA (North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency) in Texas.

RazorTek is now listed on the Texas DIR contract (DIR-TSO-3471) to provide GIS products and services to the state of Texas.

 If more information is required for RazorTek capabilities please contact us by email ( or call us at 901-922--5448.


Surdex Corporation is one of the largest geospatial data and services providers in North America. For over a half-century we have served federal, state, and local governments as well as private, engineering, and defense mapping clientele. We are one of the very best at acquiring aerial data, whether it is digital imagery, film photography, or LiDAR data. Our fleet of eight (8) aircraft is supported by our own inspection, maintenance, repair, and customization facility–ensuring maximum productivity and availability of these precious resources. Our aerial sensors include:  3 Intergraph Digital Mapping Cameras (DMC) – one of the largest such installations in the world · A Vexcel Imaging UltraCam Xp/WA camera providing cost-effective imagery capture · A Leica ALS-50-II LiDAR with Multiple-Pulse-in-the-Air technology for cost-effective and accurate capture of elevation data · 4 film cameras supported by in-house scanning.


TeachMeGIS is an ESRI Business Partner who has been helping professionals across the globe get up and running with GIS for the past 16 years. Staffed with industry professionals who have extensive GIS and training experience, TeachMeGIS offers high-quality GIS training courses that can be taught on-site at your facility or in our training center in Houston, Texas. Our curriculum team can customize the classes for you, as well. Our professional GIS consulting staff are available for short- or long-term projects. Please give us a call if you need help meeting your company's GIS goals this year.


United Geo Technologies, LLC, your geospatial service provider, offers a wide range of services such as photogrammetry, orthophotography, parcel mapping, and geographic information systems.  This small, woman owned business has extensive experience in the geospatial disciplines and our personnel include a Certified Photogrammetrist.  UGT’s personnel have extensive experience in the following areas:

Aerial Imagery Acquisition (both analog and digital), Airborne GPS, Aerial Film Scanning, CAD (MicroStation and AutoCAD), Contour Generation, Digital Aerial Triangulation, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Orthophotography (TIFF), Image Compression (MrSID,  JPEG2000,  ECW), LiDAR DTM and Contour Integration, Parcel Mapping, Geographic Information Services (ESRI), Plan and Profile, Planimetric Feature Extraction, UAV / Drone Image Processing, Volume Computations


 Western Data Systems is an authorized Trimble Dealer specializing in the sales, rentals, training and technical support for Survey, Mapping, Marine, Utility,  Environmental, Fleet Management and Seismic Industries.  WDS was founded in 1982 and since then has concentrated on supplying top of the line Spatial Measurement and GPS related products in Texas and Oklahoma for sales and worldwide for rentals.  We offer several peripheral items such as pipeline locators, ground penetrating radars, laser rangefinders, laser scanners, GPS cameras, barcoders, tablets and much more.   WDS has two full Survey Supply stores in Texas and delivers wood, stakes, flags and any supply needed daily.  With our extensive rental fleet we have more than enough gear to get you through any job and can ship worldwide.  Our Technical Support staff is comprised of a staff that has worked in the field and can help out with any support need you have.  We offer free support to both our rental and sales customers.  WDS also manages the largest private VRS Network in the world.  This network is available to both Survey and Mapping communities.  We are adding base stations continuously and the amount of users grows each year.  For a full line of our products and Services please visit our website at  With six offices across Texas and Oklahoma you are never too far from The Experts!

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