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GIS Analyst

City of Mesquite, TX

$43,056.00 - $64,584.00 Annually


Under general supervision by the GIS Manager, designs and develops primary map layers and databases for Citywide GIS operations. Prepares GIS programs and applications, conducts geographical research and analysis, designs, develops and implements interfaces with GIS and other software systems in the Enterprise Software, and provides technical support and training for other City employees. GIS Analysts are expected to interpret and research legal documents and apply this information to the maintenance of varied GIS based data, assist the public with requests and other information assignments.  In relation to the GIS Technician position, will have increased responsibility in developing and maintaining more advanced GIS tools, products, and procedures.
General supervision is provided by the GIS Manager.

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  1. Comply with the Code of Conduct and Rules of Behavior outlined in Chapter 8 of the General Government Policies and Procedures Manual.
  2. Adhere to assigned work schedule as outlined in city and department attendance policies and procedures.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency and satisfactorily perform all requirements of a GIS Technician.
  4. Increased knowledge and ability in interpreting plans for GIS data entry and for providing better customer service. Ability to support and train junior GIS staff in interpreting plans.
  5. Increased knowledge and ability with GIS data types, concepts, procedures, and map creation.  Includes knowledge and ability for advanced editing techniques, executing geo-processing tools and models, Ability to write Simple Python Scripts, integrating AutoCAD data into the GIS, and creating maps with advanced labeling techniques and overlays.
  6. Ability to maintain and edit ArcSDE feature classes in a versioning environment. Edit data within a geometric network while maintaining correct topology, be able to update, add, and remove domains for more efficient editing.
  7. Develop basic programming skills that will enable the executing, maintenance, and updating of existing automation and GIS application user interface scripts. Develops and codes programs in TSQL, HTML/JavaScript, and Python to automate common GIS tasks and procedures.
  8. Provides technical support to city staff in the use of GIS related and integrated software to accomplish and support intra-departmental and inter-departmental projects and programs. Maintains expertise of GIS layers and processes required by Enterprise City Software (MUNIS, Energov, CityWorks, Spillman, CUES GraniteNet ).
  9. Create online maps using ArcCatalog and ArcGIS Server tools; assists with designing and implementing GIS Open Data Portals to improve communication across departments and spur innovation. Ability to operate ArcGIS Server manager in order to maintain existing GIS web maps.
  10. Post GIS information onto the City's website. Update GIS website. Monitor web site efficiency and recommend improvements as needed.
  11. Ability to update and display planimetrics, and environmental coverage's such as paving and hydrology linear referencing tables and event layers.
  12. Coordinate with various department regarding GPS data collection projects.  Prepare GPS software and receiver with essential feature classes and data fields to facilitate data collection.
  13. Ability to maintain and update various City of Mesquite map books.
  14. Ability to maintain and update databases. Primarily Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL database user interfaces, forms, and queries.
  15. Work with outside agencies such as Dallas County Appraisal District (DCAD) and Kaufman County Appraisal District to maintain current and accurate City GIS information, provide City GIS data as needed, and to assist in engineering and development issues in relation to engineering records information.
  16. Provide technical assistance to other GIS and/or non-GIS staff. Perform file backups.
  17. Perform quality control on own work and work of others. Show proficiency, speed and accuracy in completing GIS Technician & Analyst responsibilities.
  18. Analyze and review GIS needs and requirements. Analyze GIS problems and recommend GIS improvements and/or modifications.



Bachelor's degree in Geography, GIS, Computer Science, or related field with major coursework in GIS (coursework in AutoCAD, SQL Scripting, database management, and/or programming a plus).
One year of increasingly responsible experience in GIS and AutoCAD.
Employee will not have a record of being convicted of a Class B misdemeanor or higher offense in order to work with and view Criminal Justice Information Services data.

Possession of a valid driver's license.
Obtaining and maintaining a FAA Remote Pilot Certification is strongly encouraged.


Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Testing required only if interviewed

Excel, Outlook, Data Entry, Math, Proofreading and Spelling



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