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Location: Fort Worth

Dunaway Associates seeks a diligent, accountable GIS Specialist in our Fort Worth office to support Dunaway’s growing GIS consulting needs and ongoing projects, especially those for university, municipal, and internal clients.  The ideal candidate is:
• An unselfish, accommodating, amiable, team player.
• An individual who seeks to research, resource, question, and analyze data, systems, processes, and tangible information.
• A person who enjoys working in a stable, consistent work environment with a team-oriented atmosphere.
• An individual who is concerned with accuracy, exactness, and thoroughness, while focused on driving projects to completion and success
• An inquisitive person who prefers to work with data, systems, and processes of a tangible, fact-based nature.
• A patient and methodical person seeking to be exact, efficient, organized, and detail oriented.
• Comfortable working in an environment where stability, predictability, and consistency are essential elements of the position.
• Confident in their ideas and abilities and is excited about applying new technical solutions to projects.

The GIS Specialist will methodically work on a variety of tasks while supporting internal and external clients’ acceptance and growth of GIS technologies.  Duties involve working on a wide range of GIS-based tasks, including CAD-GIS data conversion and integration, geodatabase creation, ArcGIS Online web mapping applications, and ArcGIS Pro map production.  The GIS Specialist will also provide support for university clients’ GIS initiatives, including Enterprise GIS deployment, utility data creation, campus safety and security, and space and facility management applications.

• Bachelor’s Degree in GIS, Geography, Urban Planning, or similar field
• 3 years of continued GIS experience, or 2 years with a Master’s Degree
• Intermediate GIS software knowledge and experience with Esri ArcGIS platform, including ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, Story Maps, Collector, Survey123, Spatial Analyst, and 3D Analyst
• Proven ArcGIS Online experience, including creating web applications, managing users and groups, and data publishing
• Experience with CAD to GIS data integration/conversion/migration
• Ability to think critically, analyze workflows, document user requirements, write system specifications, and maintain and enhance current applications
• Knowledge or data development, editing, and quality control procedures
• Strong cartographic skills and proven ability to create high-quality project GIS maps and exhibits
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with clients, colleagues, and the fellow GIS professionals

• GISP Certification
• Experience working in a civil engineering, planning/landscape architecture, or other similar consulting firm
• Experience integrating GIS into higher education, K-12, or other campus environments, including facilities, utilities, infrastructure, space planning, safety and security, or real estate management
• Experience with AutoCAD, BIM/Revit, and/or 3D modeling
• Knowledge of setting up, publishing with, and managing ArcSDE, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Server, and Portal for ArcGIS, including data versioning, multiuser, and replication
• Experience with ArcGIS API for JavaScript
• Experience with ArcGIS for AutoCAD interoperability plug-in
• Experience with Safe FME
• Knowledge of GIS system architecture for Enterprise GIS planning, implementation, and evaluation
• Development using Python, .NET, Esri ModelBuilder, JavaScript, HTML5, or CSS

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