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Creating Effective Web Applications Using ArcGIS Server - $750 (12 seats)

This course teaches basic design principles for creating Web mapping applications that are attractive, fast, and easy to use by their intended audience. In course exercises, you will work with the lightweight ArcGIS Web Mapping APIs to create a focused application that utilizes internal and external ArcGIS Server Web services. Students may choose to complete some course exercises using the ArcGIS API for Flex, the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, or the ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF.  GIS analysts and others who want to create Web mapping applications to extend the use of GIS data to non-GIS departments within an organization or to the general public via the Internet. No Web development experience is required.

•·        After completing this course you will be able to

•·        Choose an application development environment that meets your needs.

•·        Author high-performing basemap and operational layers for a map service.

•·        Design an application for efficient querying and editing.

•·        Build an application that includes geoprocessing functionality.

•·        Configure ESRI templates and out-of-the-box viewers to quickly build a Web application.


What’s New in ArcGIS Desktop 10 - $750 (12 seats)

ArcGIS 10 is a major release that introduces powerful new tools and simplified workflows designed to increase your productivity and help you get better results from your GIS. Significant interface improvements and tighter integration of ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and Python scripting make data visualization, analysis, and map production faster and easier. In this course, you will explore the major enhancements included in ArcGIS 10. Course exercises provide hands-on practice with many of the new tools and workflows for mapping, editing, analyzing, and documenting your GIS data.

GIS analysts, managers, data technicians, specialists, and other experienced ArcGIS Desktop users who need to learn the new features and workflows of ArcGIS 10.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

•·        Understand the major changes in ArcGIS 10.

•·        Quickly access data, maps, and geoprocessing tools in ArcMap using the Catalog window and Search window.

•·        Apply the new streamlined sketch-based editing workflow to create and edit feature geometry and attributes.

•·        Create attractive, professional-quality maps using basemaps, operational layers, and new styles and symbols.

•·        Work with time-aware and 3D data on a map.

•·        Use Python scripts in ArcMap to automate common geoprocessing tasks.

•·        Quickly produce a map series using data-driven pages.





Building and Deploying Add-Ins

for ArcGIS Desktop - $25 (20 seats)

New with ArcGIS 10, desktop add-ins provide an easier means for building and sharing customizations that extend desktop applications. The add-in programming model provides developers with a declaration-based framework for creating a collection of customizations conveniently packaged within a single compressed file.  Add-ins are easily shared between users and don't require installation programs or COM registration. Add-ins can also be made available over network shares, making it easier to synchronize updates within an organization. Find out about add-ins from the .NET developer’s perspective and discuss coding patterns, distribution options, and debugging.


ArcGIS 10 & Imagery - $25 (20 seats)

ArcGIS 10 introduces improved access to imagery for all desktop users.  This technical session will cover in depth discussion and demonstration of enhanced imagery capabilities such as:

•·        Better tools for managing imagery on the desktop and server

•·        Faster performance with accelerated image display

•·        The new Image Analysis Window in ArcMap

•·        Dynamic mosaicking and on-the-fly processing

•·        Serving dynamic image mosaics


You must register for the conference to attend training classes!

At minimum a One-Day Pass is required!


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