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Python in ArcGIS 10 – An Introduction

Ken Smith, ESRI

The use of Python is vital for any ArcGIS professionals interested in furthering their automation and analysis skills.  Python allows users to create custom data management or analysis tools ranging from single functions to complex multifunction processes with validation, which can easily be reused, shared, and even executed with little to no user interaction.  This session will introduce the Python scripting language and show how it can be used to access and automate geoprocessing tools and functionality.


Commercial Special Interest Group (SIG): Solve Problems and Improve Operations Linda Peters, Dennis Kaplan and Betsy Leal, ESRI

This group is committed to fostering a community of commercial GIS users to identify trends and best practices, get return on investment examples, gain insight into ESRI product development and listening and responding to user feedback.  You will network and collaborate with your peers, hear from Esri staff and see user presentations that will help you address issues and overcome challenges in your own organization.  Anticipated topics include market optimization, best practices for building models, territory balancing and transportation management.


Creating Web Mapping Applications with ArcGIS

Karen Lizcano, ESRI

Are you interested in creating GIS Web applications but don’t know where to start?  Perhaps you’ve worked with ArcGIS Server and want to create Web applications but don’t want to do programming.  In both cases, this will be the session for you.  You will be introduced to some general Web map design patters.  You will also learn about the three new ready-to-deploy GIS Web application solutions available at ArcGIS 10: the Web map, ArcGIS Explorer Online and the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex.  All three Web applications can be used without having to write any code.  You will also be introduced to and learn to leverage some of its capabilities to support your business workflows.


10 Things to Know About Managing a GIS Project

Daniel Stone, ESRI

Esri senior project managers will share best practices for managing GIS projects.

Editing in ArcGIS 10

Brig Bowles, ESRI

Join this session to learn how to maintain geographic data with ArcGIS.  We will cover a wide range of workflows including professional GIS editing with ArcGIS Desktop as well as data collection in the field and data maintenance from Web browser-based applications.  This introductory session will help you define a complete strategy for data maintenance within your organization by exploring the different technologies offered by ArcGIS.


Image Management and Dissemination

Brig Bowles, ESRI

A new data model in ArcGIS 10, mosaic datasets, are optimized for the management and dissemination of large collections of imagery and rasters.  This session will provide an overview of how mosaic datasets can be quickly created from different data sources, and then used to disseminate imagery directly to ArcGIS users in a workgroup or through ArcGIS Server to a wide range of desktop and Web applications.  You will learn how to make imagery quickly accessible to your organization.


ArcGIS Online and Community Basemaps

Karen Lizcano, ESRI

ArcGIS Online and the Community Basemaps Program provide a rapidly growing framework for online GIS.  The presenter will show how can be used to discover, author, and share rich Web maps and mapping applications.  You will learn how to create and use Web maps, how they are shared and how they are combined in custom apps.  You will also see a preview of new capabilities planned for ArcGIS Online.   The Community Basemaps Program provides a set of online maps that are being built by and for the ArcGIS user community.  You’ll learn what community basemaps are currently available, how they are being built and how they can be used in your online maps and apps.  You’ll learn why many ArcGIS users are already participating in the program and how you can participate going forward.


Using Cartographic Representations

David Allen, City of


In the GIS world, we only have points, lines and polygons to model any reality we come across. While this seems limiting, the addition of Cartographic Representations has made the task much easier. These new symbology sets allow us to make our maps have a rich, cartographically pleasing look and feel that was previously not available. In addition, we now have the capabilities of making the maps “look right” without sacrificing data accuracy. This session will explore how to get started with Cartographic Representations, and how some of the advanced techniques will improve your own cartographic skills.


What’s New in ModelBuilder for ArcGIS 10

David Allen, City of


ModelBuilder is a programming tool that can be used in ArcGIS to develop a custom task or automate a workflow. In version 10, new tools are added to give ModelBuilder many more capabilities and make it closer to being a rich programming language than ever before. In this session we’ll look at the new iterators, which function as loops; batch processing techniques for handling multiple inputs and outputs; and the new tools to incorporate Python scripts into your models, which makes ModelBuilder a great front-end for developing all your geoprocessing workflows.

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