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Opening Keynote Speaker

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

11:00 am - Noon

Dr. Lu Liang

Assistant Professor / Advisor BS in GIS + CS

Office:  ENV 310R

Dr. Liang is a geospatial scientist. The broad goal of her research is to develop novel data, scientific theory, and models to study how the feedbacks among physical environmental, biosphere, and anthroposphere are manifested in land surface change, and how these interactions can be assessed at various scales using rigorous interdisciplinary approaches.

Dr. Liang runs a "Monitoring-Mapping-Modeling" (3M) lab, with the focus on using modern opportunities to acquire frequent and accurate spatial data and create more comprehensive and informative analyses by combining the data from different instruments (ground-based, airborne, and satellite measurement) with complementary attributes.

In 2019 the University of North Texas began discussions for a blended degree program where IT & GIS departments looked to combine those skills into a new degree program. Dr Liang, the Assistant Professor involved with this curriculum since 2018, will provide insight into the program in its current form. She will also provide a glimpse into the University's thinking behind the creation of this program.

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