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Exhibitor Benefits
In the conference app:
  • An Exhibitor Page that includes:
    • Your company logo
    • portrait full page ad (PDF)
    • Any images you'd like
    • Exhibitor bio (text)
    • Contact information
    • Website(s)
    • Social media info 
  • A banner logo linked to your website
  • Push notifications will remind attendees to talk with exhibitors for a chance to win door prizes
  • Exhibitor-affiliated attendees are encouraged to use the conference app and fill out their personal profiles with specific things to increase their visibility
    • They should include the word “Exhibitor”
    • They should include the company they work for
    • They should include an email address and/or phone number they will check during the day, so if people message them, the exhibitor can add the people to the door prize list
    • They should include a company-approved code word that attendees can send them if the attendees want to be added to the door prize list
      • Exhibitors will be encouraged to choose a code word to ask attendees to send them in order to be entered into the prize drawing. This code word will be placed inside the exhibitor bio page on the conference app, and any attendees who are there representing the company can put it in their personal profiles inside the app.
      • Exhibitors don’t necessarily need a code word, but it could add an element of fun to the interactions, and allow the exhibitors another opportunity to display their company branding/personality.
On the website:
  • Company logo and link to your website 

At the conference:

  • Exhibitors are encouraged to offer door prizes in order to get attendees to reach out to them. Please let us know if you are or are not offering a door prize.
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to come to the social and meet attendees.
  • Exhibitors will have the opportunity to participate in at least one 5-Minute Exhibitor Spotlight session after a presentation of your choice. These spots will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.


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