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OKSCAUG 2021 Conference

Poster+ Contest


...shall take place via Survey123 and will be open to all conference exhibitors and attendees.

Voting Survey Opens: 8:00 AM on Wednesday, September 15

Voting Survey Closes: 3:00 PM on Wednesday, September 15

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Note: There is no limit to the number of any type of poster entries we can take!

Must register for the OKSCAUG Conference to submit a poster entry.

Posters Submitted as PDFs

2021 Street Pavement Condition Index

Zach Clark

City of Tyler

This poster displays previous street projects and the scoring of current streets.

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Central Oklahoma Bicycle Composite Index

Jordan Evans

Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG)

The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) produced the Bicycle Composite Index (BCI) to help city, county, and state planners and officials understand what areas need safe and convenient bicycle facilities, such as bicycle lanes, shared use paths, and trails. The BCI analysis used Geographic Information Systems to measure the relationship between where bicyclist activity might be generated and where bicyclists might have difficulty moving about. When combined, this information suggests regional priority areas for investment.

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Urban Sprawl, Anthropogenisation and Risk

Stefan Stamenov & Vanya Stamenova

Space Research and Technology Institute - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The development of the modern civilization during the last two centuries has enormously increased the intensity of human-nature interactions leading to ever-growing anthropogenisation of the landscape both as planned and as side effect. Initially, the best places of the landscape have been chosen for building towns and cities, but in time as the urban sprawl appeared and grew faster the different parts of the city may reach zones of risks caused by natural phenomena or processes. Today, in our crowded and strongly urbanized world this is a common situation in the big cities. Sofia is an excellent example of a fast growing city, which has enlarged his territory 100 times for the last 140 years. Considering the physical geography and relief of Sofia valley the growing process of city has inevitably lead to put the human infrastructure in dangerous proximity to the landslides in the area, 76 of which has been registered during the last 20 years and very likely more to be discovered.

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Pliska Field, Bulgaria - An Example of Cultural Human Footprint Continuity

Stefan Stamenov & Vanya Stamenova

Space Research and Technology Institute - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Traces of human activities on the Earth surface has been left over the centuries and millennia of human culture and civilizations. This traces are also referred to as anthropogenic features or human footprints and the process anthropogenisation. This process is directly linked with the way of human living, results is reshaping the landscape and changing the nature in regional and in modernity even on global scale. Scientific studies devoted to this process have long discovered, that the anthropogenisation is not pointless, but appear as a specific, expected and sometimes planned result of various human activities pointed to secure the existence and prosperity of a particular human society or humanity in general.

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Space School Educational Initiative

Stefan Stamenov & Vanya Stamenova

Space Research and Technology Institute - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

This presentation presents an educational initiative called Space School started 7 years ago, which aims to provide education and communicate science among students and teachers in school. Although initially focused on higher school the initiative covered all school education stages. The topics span the education are vast, but the main focuses and activities are devoted to Earth observation, remote sensing of the Earth and planets, space technologies, aviation and UAV, and geomatics. It also includes space physics, astrophysics, space biology and biotechnologies. The initiative have attracted thousands of participants during approximately 150 educational events.

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ArcGIS Online Web Maps

ArcGIS Online Web Apps

Bike and Pedestrian Crashes in Tulsa Metro 2010 - 2019

Nimish Dharmadhikari

Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG)

This map shows data from Oklahoma DOT's Safe-T crash data ( The data shown is from 2010 to 2019. Crashes shown in this map are on non-highway system. This is important to showcase that there are many Bike-Ped crashes on local roads.

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Places to Walk and Run

Ty Simmons

Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG)

This map identifies places to walk and run around the city of Tulsa. It includes paths, trails, and sidewalks located in parks, as well as regional multi-use trails and sidewalks throughout the city. The map also utilizes the Near Me widget to enable users to find parks and trails near their location.

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Oklahoma COVID-19 Vaccine Phase Builder Dashboard

Jack Dimpsey III & Zakary Legarda

Oklahoma State Department of Health

This dashboard was designed in partnership between the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Oklahoma Army National Guard. The Oklahoma COVID-19 Vaccine Phase Builder dashboard was designed to assist the local and state COVID-19 vaccine planning team develop a plan for administering COVID-19 vaccine according to the phases defined by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. On the dashboard, you can dynamically select the identified population subgroups by phase and filter by area to get an estimation of the target population size by phase as well as a dot density visual to understand where the target populations reside. This dashboard was one of the many reasons why Oklahoma was the in the top 5 states for vaccine administration by population for the the first few months when COVID-19 vaccine was initially made available.

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Disc Golf Longview, Texas

Marcus Arreguin

City of Longview - Information Services

The Longview, Texas Disc Golf App shows each of the three City of Longview disc golf courses. The app consists of interactive maps of the disc golf courses at Guthrie, Hinsley, and Ingram Parks, each shown on a separate tab. The maps show disc golf data such as teeboxes, fairways, and baskets. The disc golf layers are overlaid on our aerial imagery plus relevant vector layers such as restrooms, trails, parking lots, park roads, and park boundaries. Pop-up boxes show pertinent information such as photos of the teeboxes and baskets as well as pars and lengths for each hole.

The app was built using the ArcGIS Online Story Maps Series app template. Most of the disc golf data was collected in the field using the Esri Collector app and a Trimble R1 receiver. The data layers are hosted on our cloud server from data in our enterprise geodatabase. The app works well on both desktop and mobile devices.

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ArcGIS Online Story Maps,

Hubs, & Experiences

OK NG911 GIS Toolkit

Emma Baker and Riley Baird

Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT)

Adapted from the Kansas NG911 Toolkit, the Oklahoma Next-Generation 9-1-1 Toolkit is a collection of Toolsets modified to identify possible errors and assist the user in complying with the NG911 Oklahoma Standards.

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The Hunt for Lost Doctor Who Episodes

Lance Yarema

City of Tyler

The StoryMap explores the various locations around the world where Doctor Who lost episodes have been recovered.

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Cushing Refinery Cleanup Project Hub Website

Amy Brittain

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

This Hub site was set up by ODEQ in Fall 2020 to mark the start of the final waste cleanup of the former KerrMcGee Refinery in Cushing, OK. The Hub site hosts site information for the public, including a site map, a recording of a public meeting held for the project, a DEQ video about the history of oil refining in Oklahoma and site contact information. This project is available to public on the ODEQ's Voluntary Cleanup Program website at

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ACOG Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center

Jordan Evans and Hannah Nolen

Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG)

The ACOG Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center is a collection of bicycle and pedestrian related maps, documents, and other resources which may be useful to city planners, engineers, advocates, and area residents.

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Walk & Bike: Longview - Gladewater - White Oak, Texas

Marcus Arreguin

City of Longview - Information Services

The Walk and Bike Plan 2018 was authored by the Longview Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in conjunction with area leaders and other citizens. The Walk and Bike Plan is a forward-looking, strategic roadmap for making the region’s communities safe and enjoyable places for people of all ages and abilities to walk, run, bike and be active.

This plan is in the process of being implemented in the MPO, which includes the area from Longview to Gladewater, Texas. This app describes the plan and shows progress on it.

The app shows detailed maps of walk and bike infrastructure within the MPO that currently exists, has been committed to implement, and has recommended by the plan to build in the future. The app also includes a slide show of the different types of walk and bike infrastructure mentioned in the plan. Most of the photos illustrating the app were taken in the Longview area.

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The Oklahoma WPA Map: Collection Capturing a snapshot of rural Oklahoma during the Great Depression

Kevin Dyke & Tyler Morrison

Oklahoma State University Library

During 1935 and 1936, the Works Progress Administration and the Oklahoma Tax Commission produced approximately 2,400 maps to determine the value of real estate. The maps indicate the owner of all the farmland in each county and each usually represents a full 6 by 6 mile township.

To make the collection more accessible, we georeferenced and combined all of the maps into a single, interactive experience, and are currently in the process of transcribing the data to create a unified database of historic rural land ownership across Oklahoma.

(Entry not included in contest)

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