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2010 Adopted OK SCAUG Bylaws

Anyone is welcomed to forward information regarding GIS activities within the Oklahoma region and SCAUG will gladly post information to assist in prompting activity. Email:

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2010 OK SCAUG Committee Members

Charles Brady III -Chair
Charles Brady III is currently the Oklahoma Regional Representative & has been involved with SCAUG for over 10 years. Charles worked for the Garvin County Assessors Office & Carroll Land Surveying while attending college at East Central University. He graduated from East Central University with a bachelor degree in Cartography in 1999 and has worked for the City of Ardmore as the G.I.S. Coordinator since 2000. During this time Charles has served on both the Oklahoma Chapter SCAUG Steering Committee & the Regional Board of SCAUG in various positions. Charles & his wife of 11 years Penni have 2 children, a 6 year old son Charles IV & a 3 year old daughter Calin.

Carrie Landgraf - Conference Coordinator
Carrie works as the GIS Director for The Benham Companies, LLC.
Carrie received a Master’s degree in Geography from The University of
Alabama and has been working with GIS software for 13 years! Her
favorite thing about GIS is that it is dynamic and interdisciplinary. It is
wonderful to have a career that constantly presents fresh challenges
and provides new opportunities for learning.

Katy Rich - Publications Coordinator
Katy works for the Oklahoma State Department of Health as the GIS
Coordinator. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a
Master of Arts in Geography with specialization in GIS and has worked
with GIS for 5 years. Her favorite thing about GIS is its usefulness as a
tool for countless industries and professions. She loves sharing her
excitement about GIS with others.

Willard Gustafson - Secretery
Willard works as a Senior GIS Specialist for Meshek and Associates PLC,
an Engineering and GIS consulting firm with offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma
City. He earned his Masters in Geography from The University of Montana
with an emphases in GIS & Cartography and has been working with GIS for
over 14 years. Willard joined Meshek and relocated to Tulsa in July of 2008
from Montana after spending the previous 5 years as a Remote Sensing
Analyst for The Wildlife Spatial Analysis Lab at The University of Montana
where he primarily performed land cover classifications in support of wildlife
biology research. One of his favorite things about GIS is the enormous variety
of real world applications, and the growing interest it has generated in
Geography as a field of study.

Darryl S. Williams - Vendor Coordinator
Darryl is a Cartographer with 31 years of service with the U.S.
Geological Survey. Darryl currently works in the USGS, NSDI Partnership
Office as the USGS Geospatial Liaison for Oklahoma. During
his many years of service with USGS, Darryl has worked in a variety of
positions in mapping and geospatial operations, including developing
partnership agreements that leverage USGS funds and resources with
those of other agencies at all levels of government, academia, and the
private sector to develop and make available geospatial data to the GIS

Sohail Hasanjee - User Group Meeting Coordinator
Sohail works as the GIS Manager for the Oklahoma Department of
Commerce. He studied GIS at the University of Oklahoma while
pursuing a graduate degree in Regional and City Planning and has
been working with GIS software for 14 years. His favorite thing about
GIS is that it is graphic and is worth a million words.

Pamela D. Jurney - Outreach Coordinator
Pamela works as the GIS Manager for Red Plains Professional, a civil
engineering firm that is Indian and locally owned. She received a
Master’s in Geography at Oklahoma State University and has been
working with GIS software for 4+ years. Her favorite thing about GIS
is its story-telling ability. It takes the complex and displays it a
seemingly simple form.

Clifford Montgomery - Committee Member
Clifford works as the GIS Coordinator/Analyst for the City of Broken
Arrow, where he started their GIS program. He received a Bachelor's
Degree from Northeastern State University. He was attracted to GIS
because after completing a project in CAD he would have to go back
and do a materials list for the project, but in GIS the two functions
were integrated. After moving to GIS he hasn't looked back and is
glad he moved.

Brad Nesom- Committee Member
Brad, recently hired at Hiland Partners in Enid is eager to implement full GIS capability for the quickly expanding gas midstream company. “It is exciting to work for people who value the impact of maps”. Mr Nesom's expertise is in database management, project management and design. With a diverse background in State, Regional, Local government, and private industry; he applies unique insight to project approach. His 20 years of experience have been woven with many water/GIS issues including; clean lake studies, aquifer delineation, recharge wells, rural water publication, state-wide lake publication, governor’s water conference, among others. Until recently he was devoting his attention to the issues surrounding the 911/GIS integration.  He enjoyed an exciting employment at Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), where he was the Sr. 911 GIS Data Specialist in charge of planning, implementing and managing the central region 911 GIS system. Consisting of 22 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPS) and the centralized Oracle GIS geodatabase, the system also integrated GIS data from the major communities in the region and required daily updating of other development data. The system also maintained information for over 2000 cell towers and integrated that information into the 911 mapping system for the FCC mandated geo-location of 911 wireless calls. Currently charged with developing data and applications for Gas and crude gathering systems he is learning a whole new industry, but anxious for the challenge.

Chandrashekhar Biradar, Ph.D. - Committee Member
Chandrashekhar Biradar (Chandra) is a Research Scientist at the Centerfor Spatial Analysis (CSA), University of Oklahoma. Chandra received Ph.D. in remote sensing and environmental sciences and then two Post-doctoral (CGIAR and EOS-UNH, USA) experiences with RS/GIS and their application to a wide array of issues related to land remote sensing, modeling, global food and environment security, and climate change. He has authored/co-authored over 25 peer reviewed journal articles, over 15 books/book chapters and more than 90 conference proceedings, manuals and presentations. Chandra also teaches remote sensing courses (computational remote sensing) and NASA Geospatial Summer Institute at the University of Oklahoma. Outside of research-academia Chandra enjoys camping, canoeing, backyard gardening (with his wife Priya and 2year old daughter Tanmayi), crafting and painting. He loves to travel and experience different rural settings and landscapes, and collect Geo-tagged photos of the ever changing landscape of the world.

Shellie Willoughby - Regional Vice President

Shellie Willoughby is the current Vice President for SCAUG. Shellie is the GIS Specialist for the Oklahoma Conservation Commission for which she has worked for the past 11 years.  She also serves as the Assistant State Geographic Information Coordinator for the Oklahoma Office of Geographic Information.   While working for the Oklahoma Conservation Commission she has been involved in the coordination efforts of the Oklahoma GI Council, the Oklahoma Office of Geographic Information and has coordinated the nationally recognized GIS Day at Capitol for the past 8 years.  She has a Bachelor and Masters of Science degree in Geography from Oklahoma State University.

As a member of SCAUG for 11 years Shellie has served on the SCAUG Board in various positions for the past 6 years as well as held multiple positions in the Oklahoma Chapter of SCAUG.  Shellie loves to travel with her family and has been to 42 of the 50 states. Shellie resides in Guthrie, OK with the two favorite men in her life, her husband and little boy.

Stacia Canaday - ESRI Representative
Stacia began working for ESRI in 2002. She is the Training Sales Consultant in the San Antonio office, handling training-related inquiries and sales. She also teaches courses focusing on geodatabases, ArcSDE technology and Microsoft SQL Server. Stacia studied geography and geology at the University of Oklahoma. After graduating, she worked at a GIS consulting company in Oklahoma City, where she was a technical marketer and taught ESRI classes as an Authorized Instructor.
Stacia’s been involved in SCAUG since 2001, both as a member and instructor of the pre- and post-conference classes. Since 2007, she has served as the ESRI representative to SCAUG. This appointed position is chosen by the SCAUG president and ESRI regional manager.
If she’s not teaching, you can usually find Stacia cheering for the Sooners, especially during college football season. She also loves to bake and has been known to bring snacks to share with her students. Her other pastimes include reading, playing with her dog and taking golf lessons from her favorite golf pro (her husband),Scott.


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